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"Fergy Positioner"

Harry Ferguson would be horrified at the thought of anybody modifying his three-point linkage draft control system. Draft control however, whilst excellent for use with the plough, cultivator and other ground engaging implements is not so satisfactory for many other implements. Today most of us who still use our Ferguson Tractors do so mainly with implements such as Super Spreader, Slasher, Carryall, Boom Sprayer, Mower and Lifting Jib. These implements are better operated with position control rather than draft control.

It is much safer to transport an implement over difficult terrain with the implement only lifted just above the ground rather than fully raised. A fully raised implement is much more likely to contribute to a tractor either flipping over backwards or rolling over on its side. The Lifting Jib is particularly difficult to control and can be unsafe when used without position control.

The positioner is copied from that used on later Ferguson tractors, specifically the FE (Ferguson England) FE35 and FE65 which later became Massey Ferguson MF35 and MF65 and later derivatives such as MF135, MF165, MF148, MF168 etc.

The positioner however rather than utilising a cam on the lift shaft within the hydraulic top cover uses a cam installed externally to the right hand side upper lift arm. The cam drives the control quadrant assembly as a whole back and forth slightly as the lift arms raise and lower which in turn causes the hydraulic control valve to move slightly. The lift arms then move to a position directly proportional to the position of the control lever. No modifications are made to the tractor and fitting is a simple bolt on excersise.

The "Fergy Positioner" has been developed and tested on specifically on the Ferguson TE (Tractor England) range of tractors (TEA, TED, TEF etc). The "Fergy Positioner" has undergone thorough testing on these tractors prior to its release onto the Australian market. We now know the "Fergy Positioner" will fit Ferguson TO (Tractor Overseas) models as we have sold devices to customers in the USA. They have had no problem fitting it at all and all critical fittings are exactly the same. We have a Ford Ferguson model 2N tractor waiting to be restored and have fitted the positioner to it successfully and guess that it will work with the 9N as well.

The Position control system has been recognised by Work Safe Victoria as a beneficial addition to the Ferguson Tractor to increase safety on the Farm. The Royal Melbourne Show Society also recently awarded it second prize in the farm inventions competition.

The complete kit consists of installation and adjustment instructions, the cam assembly, the return spring and bracket, four replacement quadrant mounting washers and two sleeves to act as guides for the quadrant.

The purchase price for the kit is :

- Australian Customers $100.00 AUD including postage and packaging

- New Zealand Customers $110.00 AUD including postage and packaging

- US and Canada Customers $95 USD including postage and packaging

- UK Customers 70 Pounds or 80 Euros including postage and packaging

- All other Customers please email for price to your specific location

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Complete "Fergy Positioner" kit fitted to a TE Fergy Tractor