"Fergy Positioner" Testimonial Page



The "Fergy Positioner" has proven to be a successful device. I have included some of the comments that satisfied customers have sent to me.

Peter -Yarrambat Victoria, Australia 28/01/2002

When I purchased an small undulating 5 acre property outside of Melbourne, a Grey Fergy was a logical choice. They were inexpensive and, for someone with virtually no mechanical knowledge, they were easy to repair. I could not be happier with my choice and I have had 10 years of reliable service. I was warned about the lifting mechanism by my father-in-law who used them on his citrus farm that you could not vary the height of the lifting arms. Not fully appreciating the importance of this fact, it was only after I purchased the tractor that I realized its limitations. To fix the height other than fully up or down, I had to place the gearbox in neutral, put my foot on the clutch, engage the lifting mechanism, take my foot off the clutch, move the lifting lever to the up position, wait until I had the desired height, put my foot back on the clutch, and disengage the lifting mechanism. I had tried to avoid doing this when using a rear bucket however I tipped the tractor back and nearly killed my daughter. I learnt about the Ferguson Lifting Positioner via an article in our local paper after Stephen Gaunt had won a safety award at the Royal Melbourne Show. Stephen explained the device to me, I purchased it and then went about installing it. As I have little knowledge of machinery I took my time. It took me about 2 hours to install and another 30 minutes to adjust. I can still fully raise the arms and there is no loss of power. The instructions were extremely clear and easy to follow. There were no little surprises during the installation I just cannot believe the difference. I can easily vary the height of any implement. I can raise the Carry All just above the ground so it won't tip back with a heavy load and I can tow trailers without then being raised up on an angle. If you are concerned about safety and want to get full use out of your farm implements using your Grey Fergy then this device is essential.

Vaughan Williams - Bushfield Victoria, Australia 02/02/2002

I have had Stephen Gauntís Position Control device attached to my tractor for 4 months now and it's just great. My Fergy is mostly used for work around our small property including mowing, raking the horse arena, carrying things in a carry all and spraying. The main benefits of the Position Control device is safety and better control of implements. I have a 6ft finishing mower had was a real handful with the standard set up. Lifting the mower would cause the front wheels to become dangerously light. With the Position Control device I can lift the mower just far enough off the ground so that it isn't touching and move safety with reasonable weight on the front wheels. Another benefit is that I can now mow tall grass by making several passes the first of which is held off the ground. Most of the implements that I use benefit from position control but for those that require draft control the Position Control device can be reversed to draft in about 5 minutes. I have found the Position Control device well worth the money for its safety benefits and extra convenience. Vaughan Williams

Shawn Cook - Ohio, United States of America 08/02/2002

I just finished installing the position control device on my TO 30 tractor that I bought from Stephen Gaunt. This is one fantastic accessory. It is very easy to install, and works exactly as he said it would. It gives you total position control and its made for any Ferguson tractor. And the quality of workmanship is excellent. It was shipped to me in 4 days here in Ohio. Thanks Stephen, Shawn Cook